The following information are to be regarded as the rules and regulations governing the operations of our various computer programmes.


  • The calculated time frame for our courses shall be followed strictly and known as the period within which a student should complete the course for which he/she is registered.
  • any student who for his/her lapse needs extension of the programe beyond the institute set time frame shall be surcharge as will be deemed worthwhile by the management.


  • A candidate shall be classified registered after he/she has procured the registration form, made initial deposit/payment and filled other registration formalities online.
  • Once a student is registered he/she shall be bound by the rules and regulations of the institute during her/his studentship.


  • No student is permitted to eat or drink in the computer room/lab school Lib or any other place where there is computer.
  • Students must avoid all forms of distraction during lectures. In which case,they should discourage visitors during these (non-visiting) hours; switch off all GSM handset, during lectures etc…
  • Students may entertain visitors but shall not be permitted beyond the reception room. Also our visiting hour should be observed.
  • Students are not allowed to charge their GSM set within the premises.
  • Students should avoid coming to school with their laptops in other wards it is an offence for students to come to school with laptop.


Management has provided all necessary facilities to give comfort to students during lectures and practical session. Responsibilities are therefore place on students for the proper use and safe keeping of these facilities. However, in case of any damage, the institute shall surcharge concerned student accordingly.


Conditions may arise necessitating withdrawal from programe. In such a situation, refund can be made to the concerned students in line with the following.

  • A withdrawal before commencement of classes/lecture/practical and not later than one week will attract a refund of payment made towards the course except for admin istrative charges of 30% in respect of the initial payment for TUITION.
  • A withdrawal before the lecture/practical after one week but not later than one month from the enrolment date will attracts a deduction of 50% as administrative charge.
  • A withdrawal after the commencement of lectures or practical attracts no refund of money paid initially for the programme.
  • However, a withdrawal before commencement of lectures or practical attract no refund of money initially deposited; either to the person concern (in cash) or to any other students or for any other purpose what so ever.

Examination & Certification Procedure :

Examination will be held in online mode. All Questions are Objective. A Student has to secure at least 30% marks in each terminal & final exam. for qualifying the same. Every student will have to do project in his/her course. Complete guidelines will be given by Faculty/Center director. The student who does not qualify in one sitting will be given one more chance by with paying as re- examination fees. The student who remains absent in the exams without any prior information has to pay a penalty of Rs. 200/- . A student can appear for the final exam only after clearing the terminal exams successfully.

Academic Rules & Regulation :

In respect of age and position, the students are expected to maintain appropriate guidelines as follows:

  • Proper discipline has to be maintained within the institute premises. Any student found misbehaving or caught adopting unfair practices during the examination is liable for immediate removal from the examination hall and be restricted from attending the classes in future.
  • The management takes every major & minor steps for the better career of students for which full co- operation from student is extremely expected
  • The student should attend all the theory and lab classes regularly as student remaining absent for more than 5 consecutive classes without any prior information shall be subjected to cancellation of registration. On such cases a student has to take Readmission by paying a fine of Rs. 100/-.
  • The applicant can deposit his fees by cash or by demand draft drawn in favor of Global Computer Saksharta Abhiyan (P.) Ltd. Payable at Patna.
  • No fee or part of the fee will be refunded in any circumstances.
  • The students will have to pay their installments on or before the 10th of each month otherwise they will have to deposit a delayed payment surcharge @ Rs 10/- per day within ten days and failing which i.e. after 20 of each month in case of nonpayment they will have to get registration again with a fees of Rs. 100/-.

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